Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coolness Alert!!! The Warby Parker Beacon Collection

Are you in the market for a new pair of sunglasses? I feel like I always am and aside from a pair of H&M aviators that I bought last year for beach purposes, nothing has really caught my eye. 
I almost bought those blue flash Ray Bans but managed to talk myself out of it because too many people have them (I'm such a sunglass hipster. Womp.)

Enter my stalker-ish love affair with Warby Parker. Not only do they make gorgeous glasses and sunglasses but with each pair sold, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. You can read more about their awesome story here, but think of the as the Toms of glasses! 

They have free shipping to the US and Canada and an effortlessly cool selection of frames - both for prescription glasses/sunglasses or no prescription. Today their new limited edition Beacon collection launches and I thought I'd share my favourites before I go HAM and click the buy button. I don't wear glasses so my first choice would be the Ingram sunglasses. Which colour, you ask? Erm... how 'bout both?

The Ingram model in Tiger Tortoise is an awesome way to spruce up a neutral monochromatic outfit because of the blue lenses, or you can go full out black on black on black (my favourite!) with the Revolver Black option. Want more options? Check out the rest of their sunglasses here. All their lenses are polarized and the prices start at $95. 

I almost want to buy a pair of the regular glasses frames even though I don't have vision problems and tout them around (they'll make me look smarter, right? Right? ... *cricket noise*). My favourites from this limited edition batch are the McKee:

Explore the rest of the Warby Parker Beacon collection and bookmark their site for your next glasses/sunglasses search :)

What are your favourite sunglasses designers?



  1. These are fantastic Sandra, I love the shape. I have a bit of a sunglasses addiction but like you haven't seen many I really like for a while. These are really interesting and unique - thanks for sharing! :)

    Hope you're good and looking forward to the weekend (I am for sure!)

    Lis xx

  2. I love those tortoise and blue ones! x

    1. arent they badass? i think I need them :D

  3. Love these sunglasses, thanks for sharing!


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