Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Vibes...

After a mostly relaxing weekend (read: if there was such thing as a napping championship, I would have won the trophy) I am starting off the week totally recharged and re-inspired.

I even dusted off my Pinterest account and updated some of my boards with inspiring images, namely from the fashion and home decor categories (sprinkle in some recipes here and there). Pinterest is like entering a time-sucking black hole filled with all sorts of awesome things, and sometimes those things involve cheese, bacon and carbs ^_^

Yummy recipes aside, here is my fashion inspiration for the week... my closet "cheese bacon and carbs", if you will:

I like it when the Olsen twins don't look like they're homeless. 

I hope your week is off to a great start! I will be filming my updated skincare routine video, July 2014 beauty favourites and another tutorial this week (time permitting) so catch me on YouTube for more beauty banter later on in the week.




  1. Ha! I did have a little laugh to myself over the comment 'I like it when the Olsen twins don't look like they're homeless'! I always think this too, they look great here though :)

    Love Pinterest, which reminds me, I need to get back on there too! There goes several hours of my life!

    Hope you're good :)

    Lis xx

  2. Love the look in the third pic (not sure which twin is which…!) x

  3. Lol at the homeless look... I actually think out of any celebrity they pull off the homeless look better than most. I do prefer their style a little more polished though.

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