Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Tourist: Casual Travel Outfits & Photos


I just got back from vacation and the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I initially intended on posting outfit of the days while I was gone (I spent 7 days in Barcelona and 3 in Vienna) but the internet at our apartment in Spain was so bad, it took ages just to get 1 photo uploaded so I figured I wait it out and compile it into one post!

I was super impressed with my packing skills in this trip - I managed to fit in all my belongings in just one medium sized suitcase (no carry-on aside from a small backpack that housed my laptop and camera)!! This means that a lot of my HG wardrobe items made the cut - namely loose-fitting soft jersey tops. I had just found the perfect muscle tank prior to leaving (by LA based brand Daydreamer), bought it in black and white, and wore them a ton during my trip.

The Daydreamer LA muscle tank in black and white:

Tank: Daydreamer (link! on sale!)
Shorts: H&M (not current season)
Shoes: Puma (not current season)
Sunglasses: Chanel (Classic Cat Eye model)

Tank: Daydreamer (again! link!)
Jacket: Rag & Bone (similar here)
Leggings: adidas by Stella McCartney (link)
Crossbody: Coach (not current season)
Shoes: Puma (not current season)

Same story above, jeans are jeggings from GAP - one of my favourite pairs of jeans that I own!

I'm channeling the GAP jegging power in this shot too, paired with an asymmetrical bra by Helmut Lang (link!) and a loose T shirt from Zara:

Top and bag: H&M (I bought the bag a couple of years ago but the cropped sweater is recent)
Skirt: Aritzia (brand is Babaton, there is still a longer version of it available here)
Sandals: Italian Shoemakers (overall total granny shoe brand but I found these on a sale rack at Winners and they were too comfortable to pass up!)

I had such a wonderful vacation with two of my closest friends, and by far my favourite memory was just getting to go on ridiculously long walks to Barceloneta beach, grab a cone filled with fresh fries, soak them up with melted cheese and Spanish ham and soak up the sun/sunsets by the Mediterranean sea. 

However it's great to be back and to get in the swing of things (expect the flow of posts and videos to resume this week)



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